Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"National Geographic" magazine--122 years old today

Longevity in print form is rare and there are few representatives. National Geographic was founded today in 1888. Off hand I can only recall two other publications older than National Geographic that are still being printed: Rufus M. Porter's Scientific American [1849] and Harper's New Monthly Magazine [1850].

From the Old Hermit's Almanac:

The National Geographic Society was founded on this day in 1888 and soon thereafter sponsored expeditions to the North and South Poles by Robert Peary and Richard Byrd respectively. It is now the largest scientific organization in the world, dedicated to the spread of geographic information among all Earth's peoples, from one pole to another.

National Geographic got me through puberty and, when I had a subscription and moved around frequently, I calculated that one year's worth of the journal weighed about 22 pounds.

National Geographic Society [Wikipedia]

National Geographic Society

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